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Anne Baksteen
Is an amateur photographer living in the Netherlands. She has an eye for architecture and people and enjoys travelling to new places.

Elizabeth Baxter
Is a novelist living in England. Her first novel, Everwinter, is due out any time now. You can follow her at Small Blonde Hippy

Heather Connelly
Is a poet and painter and lives in Tasmania.

Is a creative photographer living in England. His website can be found at Enerico

Jonathon B. Hoyt
Is an innovative photographer exploring the use of light to create high quality, unique images. His website is still in development.He is currently living in England.

Elizabeth Leaper 
is a poet, writer and illustrator living in England. She has two poetry books published, one of which is a collection of verse for children. Both are sold in aid of charity. She has two blogs at the wobby dum dum tree and simply elfje

Claudia Messelodi
Is a poet living in Italy. She writes from her everyday experiences and her blog can be found at Claudia

Poet, craft-artisan, writer, currently hails from the south western United States. The nom-de-plume was created from the joy of writing as 'words are like Jewels on a Page.' She has two blogsites at julesgemstonepages and julesgemsandstuff

Freya Pickard
Is a novelist and poet living in England. Her first novel, Dragonscale Leggings, was published in 2009 and is available to buy at Amazon. She runs two blogs – Clippings and Pure Haiku

Jenny Poulter
Is a creative musician and writer living in England

Matt Rowe
Is a novelist living in Japan teaching English to Japanese pupils. His first book, “Not All Of Them About Zombies” was published in 2008 and in 2011 his first novel, “Better Off Dead” was published. His website can be found at Matt Cannot Write and he also has a facebook page here

Willow Thomas
Is a crime writer and lives in England. Her website can be found at willowthomas

Katie Wood
Is a reviewer and creative writer. You can find her reviews and writing at loseyourselfbooks