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Monday, 26 December 2011

Masks & Mirrors - now closed to submissions

As of 25th December 2011 the deadline for submissions for EOTE April 2012 has closed. 

If you have anything you wish me to read, please feel free to submit it but please note that it may not be read until the next Reading Month which will be March 2012. 

The full submission guidelines can be found here

Friday, 23 December 2011

Comments on EOTE December 23 12 2011

More from Claudia Messelodi, Italy
I liked the bumper issue of EOTE very much! I enjoyed reading the tale written by Jenny, her descriptions of the park and of the landscape in general are beautiful. I loved Freya's poem too, its images and its "profound inner rhythm". Then I found Katie's reviews highly interesting; in fact I bought two of the books she reviewed!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Comments on EOTE December 21 12 2011

From Claudia Messelodi, Italy
 I've just ordered on Amazon Freya's novel "Dragonscale Leggings" and two further books, "Rapture" by Duffy and "Junk" by Burgess. I look forward to receiving them in the next few days! It's a Christmas present I want to give to myself!

From Enerico, England
Thank YOU for taking the time to put together EOTE and the rest. I really hope it gets you noticed.

From Matt Rowe, Japan
Thanks for EOTE. It was a good read. I was pleased to see how my work was shown too.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Comments from Linda Turner on Octobersong by Freya Pickard

It is clever to kick out the cliche and talk about 'green' autumn, when gold is the more typical association. I take this as a novel way of saying 'early or young autumn'.

The second stanza is incredibly poignant and visual. One can 'see' a frozen petal falling to an icy earth and its beauty smashing into fragments. Like the belief in a love that we thought would last forever. Too beautiful to last, in fact.

Which leads analogously into the wistful third stanza of the death of love and the hope for it to be reborn, as will the flower be, along with the restorative and renewing properties of spring. 

Really beautiful imagery; and achingly sad in its tone and compilation. And sadder still somehow because of the subject's probably naive belief that love, like the flower will be reborn. 

Quite spell binding. 

If you would like to read more of Linda Turner's opinions, click here

Friday, 16 December 2011

Why I chose... EOTE December 2011

The theme this issue was Ice and Snow but I also chose items that complimented these things as well. 

Octobersong by Freya Pickard
This has a feeling of bleakness that reminded me of winter. 

13th March 2011 by Matt Rowe
Not really about winter but a personal point of view on the devastating earthquake that hit Japan earlier this year. Matt's observations are clinical, reflecting the reality of not knowing the full impact of the situation he found himself in. 

Goddess by Jenny Poulter
Tied in with the themes perfectly. What struck me about this piece was the self-sacrifice. The narrator does not consider her self-sacrifice as totally selfless. Instead, she is willing sacrifice herself in order to became famous. The self-sacrifice therefore becomes invalid. Excellent build up and atmosphere that leaves you feeling well and truly chilled!

Book Launch Page - NEW!
This is something I am trying out to promote new books that have either been launched recently or will be launched in the near future. I've known both Liz and Matt for many years as we are or were all part of a very helpful and instructive writing folio called Scribo. 

The Rush, Rush Rat Race by Heather Connelly
I liked the fast paced and hard rhythms of this poem and agreed completely with the very clear message. To my mind this poem linked tenuously to Goddess; the two humans in the tale obviously came from high powered jobs. 

I chose Anne Baksteen's and Enerico's photographs to accompany the poem because whilst Anne's give one a sense of claustrophobia, Enerico's offers hope in that there is light at the end of the tunnel! 

Katie Wood's Reviews
It was about time someone else reviewed books apart from me! I met Katie in the Summer and she is an engaging person. I can't wait to read the reprint of her book next year! The three reviews I chose to print of Katie's reflect the wide variety of genres and styles she reads. 

The Blossoming Tree by Claudia Messelodi
A sliver of hope in the midst of winter remembering the fruitfulness of autumn and the hope of spring yet to come. Winter is a time to pause and reflect and appreciate. 

A Review of Dragonscale Leggings by Linda Turner
This wouldn't fit on the reviews page so it ended up on the back of this issue. Linda is highly critical and doesn't mince her words. She means what she says!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

EOTE December 2011

EOTE December 2011 is now available to read! 

This is a bumper issue of 12 pages containing poetry from Freya Pickard, Heather Connelly & Claudia Messelodi, book reviews from Katie Wood as well a real life story about the Japanese Earthquake from Matt Rowe along with a chilling winter's tale by Jenny Poulter. There are also photographs from Enerico, Anne Baksteen, Jonathon B. Hoyt and Freya. 

This issue also sees the launch of our Book Page featuring Matt Rowe and Elizabeth Baxter!

If you already subscribe, you should receive an email containing the link to the current issue. If you haven't received this by 16th December 2011, please email EOTE 

If you don't yet subscribe and would like to read it (it is free!) please send an email to EOTE
with Subscribe EOTE in the subject line. 

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Masks & Mirrors - a reminder

Just a reminder to you all that the deadline for the April 2012 issue of EOTE will close on 25th December 2011. 

Please make sure your submissions for the theme of Masks & Mirrors reaches me before the closing date. 

For the full submission guidelines, please click here

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Masks & Mirrors

As of 1st November 2011 EOTE is open to submissions for the April 2012 issue!

The theme this time is Masks & Mirrors. Anything to do with this theme, however remote, is welcome. 

For full submission guidelines please click here

The deadline for submissions is being extended to 25th December 2011. 

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Comments on EOTE August from JulesPaige

Well at least now I know what EOTE stands for! 

I was able to read some, and the photos and painting - sigh- just beautiful.

Jules Paige, USA

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Feedback - EOTE August 2011 - from Willow Thomas

I loved the new EOTE - what stunning photography!

Willow Thomas, England

Monday, 3 October 2011

Deadline for December EOTE has closed

I'm working December's issue of EOTE and it's going to be jam-packed full of a variety of items; more photography of course as well as some poetry. The major features of this issue will be a real life story from someone who experienced the Japanese earthquake in March firsthand as well as a number of book launches. 

The reading month for the April issue will be November so if you have anything you'd like me to consider, please send it to me at H2M

Monday, 19 September 2011

Submission Guidelines for EOTE

What EOTE does

EOTE exists to promote the work of emerging artists throughout the globe. It is a free’zine and therefore no payment can be made for work that is published either online or in print. What EOTE offers is exposure.

What we are looking for

We are looking for writers (novelists, poets, lyricists) who can create images and evoke emotion with their words.

We are looking for photographers and artists who capture moments in time, who can bring colour and energy into people’s lives.

Anything that has artistic value will be considered but it is probably best if you study several back issues first. These are available from the editor at the email below.

What we are NOT looking for

  • Snapshots
  • Meaningless compositions
  • Sentimental claptrap
  • Fluff
  • Multiple submissions eg you have submitted your story not only to EOTE but also to ten other publications.

When to submit work

The reading months for submissions are as follows: -
1st – 30th November for the April edition.
1st – 31st March for the August edition
1st- 31st July for the December edition

You are welcome to submit your work at any time during the year, but if we are busy we may not be able to make a final decision on your work until the next reading month.

Themes for upcoming issues will be published here.

Even if your work does not seem to fit into any of the forthcoming themes, please submit it anyway as each issue is fluid and developing until the final deadline.

How to submit your work

Email the editor first at H2M outlining what you plan to submit, you will then receive an email telling you how many stories/poems/photographs you may send in one email.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Deadline for December EOTE will be 1st October 2011

Just to let you know that the deadline for the December issue of EOTE will be 1st October. If you have anything you would like me to consider, please send it to me by 1159 30th September 2011.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Editor's Reasons for EOTE August 2011

Why I selected the items appearing in EOTE August 2011

I wanted to create a colourful and energising issue to counteract the dismal Summer we've had here in England and to lift people's spirits in these financially austere times. 

The Colours of the Rainbow by Claudia Messelodi
This sequence of haiku fitted the bill perfectly; each colour is linked to a positive emotion, taking the reader through the spectrum of the rainbow. I like the way Claudia brings a spiritual element to a natural phenomenon and portrays an unusual view of God. 

Excerpt from The Butterfly Tree by Freya Pickard
Another "must-have" to breathe life and colour into our dismal world. I liked the crowded colours and scents and the beautiful descriptions of what the butterflies were doing; an oasis of vibrancy. 

Photograph by Mick Turner
An absolutely perfect companion to Freya's excerpt. The colourful butterfly on the bright mauve spray of buddleia takes one straight into the story. 

Photograph by Anne Baksteen
Again a "must-have" companion to The Butterfly Tree. The pink rose is so rich and dense with colour that I could almost smell it...

Featuring Jonathon B. Hoyt Creative Photographer
I looked through a lot of Jon's photographs and it was really difficult to choose which ones to feature in this issue. His pictures are works of art and each has merit of its own. In the end I went with the photographs that leapt out at me, clamouring with colour and energy. 
1. The open sky of this beach scene grabbed my attention immediately. The openess and warmth of the view took my breath away. 
2. The stained glass window is striking in its simplicity and works well with Claudia's poem on page 1. 
3. The dragonfly made me think of jewels lit by sunlight. The blues and yellow-greens work really well together, making another stained window effect. 
4. I liked the soft beauty of the clematis and the depth of field gives the picture a 3-D quality. 
5. I thought this photo was a studio shot - rose illuminated against a black background. But apparently this picture was taken outside in a garden. Again there is a 3-D quality about it where the rose seems to be coming out of the picture towards the viewer. 
6. The exotic butterfly is hypnotic and I couldn't stop looking at it. I think it might be a kind of peacock butterfly as it has "eyes" in its wings. The depth of field is perfect, providing a mottled background that compliments the insect's colouring. 

The Dandelion by Heather Connelly
I liked dandelions and I like dandelions growing in my lawn. I think they are happy flowers and bring a bit of sunshine down here on earth. That is the main reason why I included this poem! Of course it also compliments the feature on Heather on page 5. I liked the tone of the poem, slightly tongue in cheek but also plaintive. Like the author, I cannot understand why dandelions are so persecuted... But dandelion tea is good to drink!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Feedback - EOTE August 2011 - from Enerico

From Eneric, England

Jon's photos are bloody stunning. My faves are the Moth (ok forgive me it may be a butterfly) and the dandelion puff!

Feedback - EOTE August 2011 - from Mavis Negroni

From Mavis Negroni 

Nice ezine. I loved the dandelion poem by Heather Connelly!

Feedback - EOTE August 2011 - from Claudia Messelodi

From Claudia Messelodi, Italy 

Thanks for sending the new issue of Ends of the Earth, I found it really fantastic and highly inspiring! I appreciated very much the images you chose for my poem; really very nice and peculiar.

I found Heather's painting "Lavender in Bridestowe" marvellous; the contrast between the orange-red of the sky and the lavender-mauve of the field is so striking an image indeed! The contours are so soft and wavy, convey a sense of peace and calmness, as if they were mirrors to a rich, deeply rooted inner world.

I read with pleasure the excerpt from "The Butterfly Tree" by Freya Pickard, I just adored the way that little corner is described, colours and scents coming out of the flowerbeds are conveyed. I'd definitely love to read more from it! It's such an involving piece of prose.

I looked at the pictures by Jonathon B Hoyt with a high degree of admiration, I would say! He is a very  good photographer; the one I liked most is the picture with the brown butterfly on it - amazing!

EOTE - August 2011

The August edition of EOTE is now available to view. Click here to view the link. 

If you're feeling as flat and as grey as the weather here in England, this is the 'zine you need to read; it's full of colour and energy!

This issue features the photographer Jonathon B. Hoyt as well as displaying photographs from Anne Baksteen and Mick Turner. There is poetry from Claudia Messelodi and Anna Brock introduces us to Heather Connelly - artist and poet.

Any feedback would be much appreciated. Read and enjoy!

Welcome to EOTE

Welcome to EOTE, the meeting place for emerging artists across the globe. 

I run a 'zine promoting writers, photographers, painters; anybody who is artistic and who needs promotion. 

The 'zine is free and therefore I cannot pay for anything I publish, but free marketing is an invaluable resource in these austere times. 

If you would like to submit your work for my consideration please contact me by email at  EOTE Please allow 3-4 weeks for an answer as I am a novelist myself as well as working part time. 

Any feedback on any of the links here is most welcome.