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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Feedback - EOTE August 2011 - from Claudia Messelodi

From Claudia Messelodi, Italy 

Thanks for sending the new issue of Ends of the Earth, I found it really fantastic and highly inspiring! I appreciated very much the images you chose for my poem; really very nice and peculiar.

I found Heather's painting "Lavender in Bridestowe" marvellous; the contrast between the orange-red of the sky and the lavender-mauve of the field is so striking an image indeed! The contours are so soft and wavy, convey a sense of peace and calmness, as if they were mirrors to a rich, deeply rooted inner world.

I read with pleasure the excerpt from "The Butterfly Tree" by Freya Pickard, I just adored the way that little corner is described, colours and scents coming out of the flowerbeds are conveyed. I'd definitely love to read more from it! It's such an involving piece of prose.

I looked at the pictures by Jonathon B Hoyt with a high degree of admiration, I would say! He is a very  good photographer; the one I liked most is the picture with the brown butterfly on it - amazing!

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  1. Thanks Claudia! Always good to hear someone wants to read more...