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Saturday, 5 May 2012

JBH & Heather Connelly


Jonathan B. Hoyt is an amateur photographer with a keen eye for the unusual (see his light burst photograph in the current issue). He has spent most of his life using film camera and only in the last few years has he ventured into the world of digital photography. 

We have featured his photography over the last 18 months in EOTE and find that his unique view on ordinary objects blends well with the kind of poetry and creativity we like to present through the 'zine. 

Heather Connelly

Heather is an artist who also writes down to earth poetry. She lives in Tasmania without the internet and pursues her creativity from home.

We have featured Heather's poetry and paintings for the last two years in EOTE and her work has also appeared in Freya's fanzine Clippings. She captures real-life in amusing and poignant ways in her poetry and exposes the rawness of gut-felt emotions through her paintings. 

If you would like to see JBH's photography and Heather's work featured in the current issue of EOTE, please email EOTE with Subscribe EOTE in the subject line.

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