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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Comments from Linda Turner on Octobersong by Freya Pickard

It is clever to kick out the cliche and talk about 'green' autumn, when gold is the more typical association. I take this as a novel way of saying 'early or young autumn'.

The second stanza is incredibly poignant and visual. One can 'see' a frozen petal falling to an icy earth and its beauty smashing into fragments. Like the belief in a love that we thought would last forever. Too beautiful to last, in fact.

Which leads analogously into the wistful third stanza of the death of love and the hope for it to be reborn, as will the flower be, along with the restorative and renewing properties of spring. 

Really beautiful imagery; and achingly sad in its tone and compilation. And sadder still somehow because of the subject's probably naive belief that love, like the flower will be reborn. 

Quite spell binding. 

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