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Friday, 16 December 2011

Why I chose... EOTE December 2011

The theme this issue was Ice and Snow but I also chose items that complimented these things as well. 

Octobersong by Freya Pickard
This has a feeling of bleakness that reminded me of winter. 

13th March 2011 by Matt Rowe
Not really about winter but a personal point of view on the devastating earthquake that hit Japan earlier this year. Matt's observations are clinical, reflecting the reality of not knowing the full impact of the situation he found himself in. 

Goddess by Jenny Poulter
Tied in with the themes perfectly. What struck me about this piece was the self-sacrifice. The narrator does not consider her self-sacrifice as totally selfless. Instead, she is willing sacrifice herself in order to became famous. The self-sacrifice therefore becomes invalid. Excellent build up and atmosphere that leaves you feeling well and truly chilled!

Book Launch Page - NEW!
This is something I am trying out to promote new books that have either been launched recently or will be launched in the near future. I've known both Liz and Matt for many years as we are or were all part of a very helpful and instructive writing folio called Scribo. 

The Rush, Rush Rat Race by Heather Connelly
I liked the fast paced and hard rhythms of this poem and agreed completely with the very clear message. To my mind this poem linked tenuously to Goddess; the two humans in the tale obviously came from high powered jobs. 

I chose Anne Baksteen's and Enerico's photographs to accompany the poem because whilst Anne's give one a sense of claustrophobia, Enerico's offers hope in that there is light at the end of the tunnel! 

Katie Wood's Reviews
It was about time someone else reviewed books apart from me! I met Katie in the Summer and she is an engaging person. I can't wait to read the reprint of her book next year! The three reviews I chose to print of Katie's reflect the wide variety of genres and styles she reads. 

The Blossoming Tree by Claudia Messelodi
A sliver of hope in the midst of winter remembering the fruitfulness of autumn and the hope of spring yet to come. Winter is a time to pause and reflect and appreciate. 

A Review of Dragonscale Leggings by Linda Turner
This wouldn't fit on the reviews page so it ended up on the back of this issue. Linda is highly critical and doesn't mince her words. She means what she says!

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